Saturday, November 22, 2008


Have you seen Twilight yet? No? Well, go ahead and see it! I have to admit that I'm not a die-hard fan of the books (hard to put down but fomulaic and somewhat cheesy), but the movie is beautiful and worth seeing.

The main reason to see this film is the gorgeous scenery. There are many, many breathtaking shots. I don't know if the movie was really filmed in the Pacific Northwest, but it definitely makes you want to pack up and move there.

The second thing that makes this movie good is that there are several electric scenes of Edward and Bella together. They mostly stare at each other, but the actors have great chemistry. The bedroom scene was probably my favorite. And have no fear, this movie was made to include the tween set, so there isn't any hardcore contact.

Now, let me warn you: there are a fair share of corny scenes. This should be expected, though, because there is plenty of corn in the book. And if you've seen the trailer where Edward makes Bella say, "Vampire" outloud, and you didn't vomit - then you can handle the few other corny scenes.

One reason not to see this movie: Kristen Stewart. She was terrible. She overacted in most of her scenes, and she did this strange mouth stuttering thing where she opened and closed her mouth and made weird breathy noises. I think she was trying to act confused, but the director should have seen how annoying it was coming across on film and stopped her. She was pretty wooden, too, but the mouth thing bothered me the most. Then again, I have a thing with mouths.

So, overall, I'd definitely recommend the movie. I would tell you to wait until it comes on video, because it's not a spectacular movie by any means, but the cinematography is worth the price of admission.

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