Sunday, June 22, 2008

weekend update

Well, I finished my first digital layout last weekend...and I haven't digi scrapped since. I did finish a couple of pages in my family album. A big "thank you" to Mama for buying me that little craft table. I've finished 4 pages since I got the table. And I have another two pager in progress. I'm so thankful for having my own little scrap space (even if it's tiny) where I'm able to leave my stuff out and come back to it when I'm able. I've only been scrapping at night after the babies are in bed, but it's been nice. Several times this week Aaron and I have stayed up, drinking coffee, talking, watching movies, etc. And I've been able to scrap while I sit right next to him! :)

We had a great week. All of us went swimming several times up at the apartment pool. Mia came one day, too. Granny and Grandaddy drove out yesterday. They took Amie back with them which is turning out to be a really good thing because Aiden ran fever all night. Poor little baby.

Aaron has to work the day shift today so it's pretty quiet around here with him and Amie gone. I've been enjoying my coffee and downloading and organizing digital files. I'd like to do a layout, but I'm not sure if that will happen or not...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hi :)

So, I doubt anyone that knows me IRL has found this (except maybe my sister - Hey, Mia!) so, for today at least, I'm not going to post about my real life. :)

I mostly wanted to at least have one post up on my blog because the site looks funny without some kind of rambling in the middle.

I guess I will set this post up as an introduction to me and why I created this blog (in case you don't read the About Me section).

My name is Amanda, and I live with my fiance, Aaron, and our kiddos, Amelie and Aiden. We are currently residing in Tyler, TX about two hours from Dallas. I am attending the University of Texas at Tyler for nursing. I'm not actually in the program, yet; I'm trying to get in for next spring.

I started this blog mostly as a place to keep all of the digital scrapbooking blogs I like together in one place. If you've stumbled across my blog, please visit the blogs listed. These are some really talented girls. I hope to one day have LOs that look as great as theirs. :)