Friday, June 13, 2008

Hi :)

So, I doubt anyone that knows me IRL has found this (except maybe my sister - Hey, Mia!) so, for today at least, I'm not going to post about my real life. :)

I mostly wanted to at least have one post up on my blog because the site looks funny without some kind of rambling in the middle.

I guess I will set this post up as an introduction to me and why I created this blog (in case you don't read the About Me section).

My name is Amanda, and I live with my fiance, Aaron, and our kiddos, Amelie and Aiden. We are currently residing in Tyler, TX about two hours from Dallas. I am attending the University of Texas at Tyler for nursing. I'm not actually in the program, yet; I'm trying to get in for next spring.

I started this blog mostly as a place to keep all of the digital scrapbooking blogs I like together in one place. If you've stumbled across my blog, please visit the blogs listed. These are some really talented girls. I hope to one day have LOs that look as great as theirs. :)

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