Friday, November 7, 2008


Here they are: my little Halloween babies, as promised several days ago. I think they're pretty much adorable.

As for the picture, well, not so much. I'm thinking of asking for a flash attachment thing for Christmas. I think it was called a Puffer or something like that. Basically it's this thing that attaches to your flash and diffuses it so you don't end up with the harsh shadows like you see here. I wonder if it helps with red eye reduction? I shoot with a Canon Rebel. It generally shoots great pictures, and it has a red eye reduction feature, and yet...I mean, come on, that red eye is horrible!

I need to find some good photography blogs to stalk. I keep stalking all of these scrapbooking blogs and getting inspired, but I rarely ever harness that inspiration. I take way more pictures than I actually scrapbook. Improved photographs would improve my scrapbooks, too, right?

We had an awesome day today. We took an hour long walk on the Rose Rudman trail. It was a gorgeous day, and I love spending time together as a family. Aaron and I were reminiscing about when we were dating. It reminded me of all the fun we used to have together - carefree, crazy, spontaneous fun! We already have a plan for tomorrow which includes more outdoor fun and a trip to the library. I'm looking forward to that because we haven't been to the library here in Tyler. I hope it's cool.

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