Thursday, February 18, 2010

Never touch a germy soap pump again.

Am I missing something here? So what if there are bacteria on the pump of your soap? You don't generally touch the pump after you wash your hands, do you? So shouldn't all those bacteria that your pump is just waiting to transfer to your hands get washed off during the hand washing process??

I think this is just yet another way to get our money by playing into our fears. Or maybe my nursing education thus far has been all for nought and I'm missing something incredibly obvious here.


  1. I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I saw this!

  2. There are millions of dollars made just playing to peoples' fears. Masks that come out for the Disease/Plague of the week. Automatic soap dispensers. All those antibacterial gels. Ironically, some evidence suggests that the large amount of antibacterial EVERYTHING in our lives contributes to drug-resistant bacteria and allergies ( Ever wondered why so many kids today seem to be severely allergic to things?

    Personally, once my bottles of anti-bacterial soap run out, I plan to get nice, boring, bacteria-washing soap for my house.