Friday, April 3, 2009


While he's nursing, Aiden loves to push on things with his feet or grab things with his hands. This morning, as I often do, I was reading blog posts while I was nursing him. Amelie was sitting next to us. Aiden reached up and turned my face away from the computer to make me look at him. (He does this often.) I gave him a kiss and smiled then turned my head back toward the computer. He reached up again and made me look at him. So I smiled again and made a kissy face at him and went back to reading. Then Amelie gently turned my head to look at her. So I gave her a smile and a kiss, too. (Note to self: Amelie needs as much affection as Aiden.)

A few minutes later Amelie cuddled up to Aiden and said, "Look at those sweet little eyes," and gave him a kiss. He reached over and touched her face. I told her he was saying, "Look at that sweet little face," to her. I said that they really love each other, and she said, "Yeah, we're going to marry." I told her that she couldn't marry her brother, but she insisted. Oh, if only they could always get along this well.


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